Padded TV Cover 42 Inches

Boost your company’s image with the Padded Cover Range from Removalspal

One of the defining differences between a professional removal company and a bunch of cowboys is the evidence that the professional company knows what they are doing and cares for clients’ possessions whilst they are within their care.

To this end, professional removal companies should offer a range of removal boxes, and use professional-grade protective items, such as padded covers.

Padded covers protect items in several ways; firstly, they provide an extra layer of cushioning, which can act as a buffer between any potential knocks or scrapes the box may receive. Secondly, they prevent items with sharper corners, such as the corners of tables, from causing damage to other things during transport.

This is especially important for items which are delicate or have sharp edges. Padded covers also help keep the box’s contents secure and stop them from moving around and becoming damaged.


We offer various types of padded covers, including TV covers, specifically designed to protect flat-screen TVs during transit. Our TV covers are made from a thick, durable material which is padded to provide extra protection. They also have velcro straps to ensure that the cover remains tightly on the TV.

We currently offer these in four sizes to cover the most popular TV dimensions.

Padded TV Cover 26 Inches

Padded TV Cover 32 Inches

Padded TV Cover 42 Inches

Padded TV Cover 52 Inches*

*Includes adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit to these expensive items.


We also offer a selection of furniture covers, which are perfect for protecting oversized items during a move. These are made from the same thick, padded material as our TV covers and are available in various sizes to fit all types of furniture.

Sofa Covers

We offer several padded sofa covers to help protect your clients’ sofas during transit. These are available in a variety of sizes to fit all types and sizes of sofa, keeping them clean and safe from scratches.

Padded 2-seater covers

Padded 3-seater covers

Padded 4-seater covers

Artwork and mirror removal bags

These padded covers are designed to safely remove paintings, mirrors and other wall-hung items. They have a padded interior and an adjustable strap to secure the item in place. They also feature helpful handles to ensure the safe handling of the contents within.

Picture, Mirror And Artwork Removals Bags


While mattresses aren’t generally in need of protection, they can be heavy and unwieldy. They can also carry personal stains that the client might prefer not to be shown to the new neighbours. Our padded mattress bags will keep your mattresses clean and dry during transit and can be used to cover soiled or damaged mattresses in storage. They feature straps to help keep the mattresses snugly covered, with convenient carry handles.

Padded 3’6″ Mattress Cover – Single

Padded 5′ Mattress Cover – For Double, Queen or King

Padded 6′ Mattress Cover – Super King

Order your padded covers from Removalspal

Removalspal can provide your company with all the necessary materials to help you move your clients’ possessions safely and securely. Our high-quality, padded covers will protect items during transit and give your clients the peace of mind that their belongings are in safe hands. Order your covers today and boost your company’s professional image.

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