Padded 4 Seater Cover | Perfect for Removals Companies | Protects Furniture During Moving, Storage and Transportation | Water Repellent Material


• Padded 4 Seater Cover – perfect for removal companies
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This 4 Seater Padded Cover is perfect for removal companies and those with large furniture, providing protection to the surface of your sofas, chairs, and other furniture during the moving process. Made from strong and durable fabrics, this protective cover ensures that furniture is kept safe, clean and free from scratches and scuffs. The padded material also offers extra comfort, helping to make the moving process comfortable and safe for all involved.

The cover easily fits around your furniture, with elastic straps and toggles to ensure a secure fit. The soft material is also breathable, encouraging airflow to reduce the risk of condensation or mould and mildew build up. Featuring a generous coverage area and a resilient construction, this cover is the perfect choice for keeping your furniture safe during removal or transport.

For added convenience, this Padded 4 Seater Cover is machine washable, making it easy and quick to clean. Suitable for a range of furniture types and sizes, this cover provides a safe and secure way to protect your furniture when moving. With an attractive and sleek design, this cover is the perfect way to keep furniture looking great during transit.