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Profitable Packing and Moving Supplies Partnership

Give your clients reliable moving supplies while creating a passive income stream for your business.

Why partnering with RemovalsPal is the smart choice for your business?

Do your clients regularly ask you if you can provide reliable moving supplies? Finding the right moving supplies at a reasonable price can be difficult, and if it is not a core part of your business, it can be time-consuming.

For an all-in-one solution that benefits you and your client, look no further than RemovalsPal, the premier provider of moving kits, rigid cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, padded covers, and much more.

We also offer a unique partnership opportunity for businesses related to the home removals industry. Our solution is white-labelled, offers next-day delivery, and provides an additional passive income stream for businesses like yours. Here’s why partnering with RemovalsPal is the smart choice:

Reliable Packing Supplies

When it comes to moving, your clients want reliable supplies that will protect their belongings during transit. At RemovalsPal, we understand this need and only offer high-quality products designed specifically for moving purposes. From sturdy cardboard boxes to shock-absorbing bubble wrap and padded covers, our supplies will ensure that your clients’ belongings arrive at their new homes in pristine condition.

Why partnering with RemovalsPal is the smart choice for your business - Removalspal
Why partnering with RemovalsPal is the smart choice for your business - Removalspal

White-Labelled Solution

As a business owner, we understand that you always want to maintain your brand identity. That’s why our solution is completely white-labelled – meaning that all of our packing supplies can be branded with your company’s logo and colours. This ensures that when your clients see the supplies you’re providing, they’ll associate them with your business rather than ours.

This easy add-on service boosts your company’s brand image and your bottom line while servicing your clients’ needs – a win-win for everyone involved.

Next-Day Delivery

Moving can be time-sensitive, so we offer next-day delivery on all our products. This means that you can rest assured knowing that the supplies you need will arrive on time so that you can meet your client’s needs.

Furthermore, our team is available to answer any questions you or your client may have regarding the supplies or ordering process, and we keep you updated with tracking information. This means that you’ll never be left unsure of the status of an order.

Why partnering with RemovalsPal is the smart choice for your business - Removalspal
Why partnering with RemovalsPal is the smart choice for your business - Removalspal

Passive Income Stream

Partnering with us isn’t just about providing reliable moving supplies – it’s also about creating an additional passive income stream for your business. By partnering with us and offering our products to your clients, you’ll earn a commission on every sale of 20% made through your store.

How it works

We create a store with your company branding, carrying our product. You can simply insert this link into your website menu or provide it to customers through mail shots and other marketing. 

For every purchase made, you earn a commission of 20%. We handle the rest – from creating your store to collecting payments and providing customer support. All you have to do is reap the rewards!

Ideal Partner

Removal Companies

Our products are designed specifically for moving purposes, ensuring that your clients’ belongings arrive at their new homes in pristine condition. 

Clients often ask removal companies for reliable packing supplies; our partnership program is the ideal solution for those needs.

Ensuring your client is fully stocked and prepared for their move can guarantee a smooth, stress-free experience on moving day.

Estate Agents

For many estate agents, the income stream ends once the sale is completed. 

Adding RemovalsPal supplies to your website allows you to create a passive income stream and receive 20% in commission whenever one of your clients makes a purchase.

 Your clients are already trusting you with transactions worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, are just as they may trust you with suggestions on solicitors and surveyors, they may trust you enough to ask for advice with reliable moving supplies too.

Man and Van services

The Man and Van service industry is booming, and partnering with RemovalsPal provides the perfect add-on service for your clients.

 Never again will you have to worry about where to source reliable moving supplies on short notice – simply direct them to your branded store and earn 20% commission in return.

Not only this, but encouraging clients to pre-pack their goods into reliable and standardised moving boxes makes moving more efficient, saving you and your clients time and money.

Storage Companies

We know that safety and reliability are key when it comes to storage. That’s why our products with strength in mind – ensuring their possessions stay safe while in storage and arrive at their destination in perfect condition.In conclusion, partnering with RemovalsPal is a no-brainer for any business in the removals industry. Our reliable supplies, white-labelled solution and next-day delivery make us the premier choice for those looking to add this service to their operations while providing top-notch products to their clients while their business receives an additional source of passive income – making it a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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