Sealing Tapes

We stock a large range of different tapes as follows;

Polypropylene acrylic – is suitable for most application but not as good on cardboard, this is our lowest priced tape

Polypropylene low noise – this is the next grade up, if you’re something a bit more substantial than the acrylic this is suitable for any apllication including cardboard

PVC vinyl – This is the highest quality of tape available and is very strong, popular in the removal industry for quick application very strong but easily torn

We also stock vibac branded tapes if prefer to see a brand on the core and other tapes such as masking and fragile printed

Personalized tapes are also available with your company logo and address and telephone number ideal for branding the products you despatch, please contact us if you’re currently buying this to see if we can save you money or if this is something you would like to start using.

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