Clear Tapes X 6 Rolls Pack – Perfect for Removal Companies, Strong Adhesive, Durable and Long Lasting, Multipurpose Use, Easy to Handle and Tear


– Clear Tapes X 6 Rolls Pack – perfect for removal companies
– Please call for discounts on larger quantities
– Quick delivery
– Ideal for any packing job


Keep your belongings and furniture safe and secure during a move with Clear Tapes X 6 Rolls Pack! This premium tape is perfect for removal companies and can stick to any surface, making it ideal for keeping boxes sealed up and secure. The tape is made from a heavy grade vinyl, so it will last for multiple uses and can handle wear-and-tear. Plus, it’s waterproof, burst-proof and won’t tear easily. With 6 rolls you’ll have plenty to cover your entire move. The clear finish leaves a clean, professional look while protecting your items and surfaces. Perfect for moving, packing, shipping and storage with superior strength and performance. Get your Clear Tapes X 6 Rolls Pack today and keep all your items organized and secure!