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8 tips on how to prepare for professional movers

Summary: It’s essential to prepare for moving day however you are doing it. If you have professional movers coming, the type of preparation you need to do is tailored around making everything go smoothly with them. From preparing your belongings to keeping kids and pets out of the way, here are 8 tips. The process of moving house can be difficult. It takes preparation and careful planning to make it happen smoothly. One helpful tip is to hire a professional moving company to help with transporting your belongings. This ensures your possessions are in good hands and takes most of the heavy lifting out of the equation for you. If you plan to do this, you should prepare your items before the movers arrive. This can help ensure everything is organised and ready to be shipped. Here are 8 tips to help you get prepared for the professional movers.

Preparing for professional movers

1. Create an inventory checklist for moving house

Before the pros arrive, make a detailed inventory of your items and everything that needs to be done. The inventory checklist will help you keep track of all your belongings, and you can tick them off when the movers load them into the truck. You can also take stock of other jobs that need doing, like switching energy suppliers

2. Label those boxes

Labelling your boxes is critical to ensure fragile items are protected adequately. It can also make the process of unpacking easier as you know where things go and will be able to find specific items more easily.

3. Learn what professional movers will not move

There are certain items that a removal company deems unsuitable or unsafe for handling. They will usually give you guidance on this, so prepare ahead of time for everyone’s safety. Items the movers won’t move include:
  • Propane tanks
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Perishable food
  • Plants
Be prepared to move these items (and any others on the list) yourself.

4. Buy some packing supplies

If there are items you are packing yourself, you need to do this ahead of time. Some moving companies supply packing materials, but you might be able to get them cheaper at local retail stores. Don’t skimp on quality as you don’t want boxes or tape that are not fit for purpose.

5. Dispose of unwanted stuff

You don’t need to bring absolutely everything with you. The moving costs can be kept down by reducing the quantity of items being moved, so now might be a good time to get rid of some unwanted items. Sort through your belongings and identify things you don’t mind giving up – you can donate to charity, sell items online or maybe set up a garage sale.

6. Make plans for children and pets

Children and pets are important considerations when moving. It is a disruptive time for them and they may be disruptive in return. Try to keep them out of the way of the movers on the day and make preparations to transport them yourself.

7. Prepare an essentials box

You must ready some essentials for moving day. This means food and drink, blankets, extra clothes and maybe a first aid kit. Be sure you are ready to offer snacks and drinks to your movers as well.

8. Consider giving cash tips to your movers

This is not compulsory, but if you are pleased with your service then you could show your appreciation by giving the movers a tip.

Final thoughts

Don’t be unprepared when your movers arrive. This will slow everything down, make the process more stressful and potentially cost you money. Following the advice in this post is a great way to ensure you are ready for smooth sailing on moving day.

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