White-label packaging

How Removalspal’s White-Labelled Services Work

White-label services exist in many forms. For the removals industry, Removalspal offers a white-label service as an extra for our websites for removals companies, that provides a passive, secondary income stream for all its clients. But what is a white-label service, and how does it work?

White-label services allow companies to sell products manufactured by others under their own brand name. This approach is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their product offerings without the added costs of manufacturing, research and development, or product design. In the context of Removalspal, this service focuses on packing supplies, such as boxes and bubble wrap, enabling clients to offer these essential items directly to their customers under their own brand.

The Process of White-Labelling with Removalspal

  1. Product Selection: Clients choose from Removalspal’s range of packing supplies, deciding on a full range or a tailored selection that best fits their business needs.
  2. Integration and Sales: These products are then integrated into the client’s sales channels, such as their website or physical store. The client markets these products, and Removalspal handles the rest, including manufacturing, stock management, and logistics.
  3. Earning Commission: Clients earn a 20% commission from each sale, offering a lucrative, passive income stream without the hassle of managing product logistics.

Advantages of White-Label Services for Packing Supplies

In addition to providing a secondary income stream, providing packaging from the same site that they opt to use your removals services through allows them to experience a streamlined and seamless moving experience. However, the benefits don’t stop there. You can also enjoy:

  • Effortless Brand Expansion: Quickly add new products to your portfolio without the need for significant upfront investment in product development or inventory.
  • Enhanced Customer Offering: Meet more of your customers’ needs by providing a one-stop-shop experience, potentially increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Increased Revenue: The commission-based model offers an additional revenue stream, contributing positively to your bottom line.
  • Simplified Operations: Avoid the complexities of product manufacturing and logistics, as these are handled by Removalspal, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: A West Midlands Removals Company

Background: This West Midlands Removals Company is a nationwide moving company with a strong emphasis on providing a comprehensive, stress-free moving experience to its clients. Recognising the need for high-quality packing materials as a crucial component of the moving process, they decided to enhance its service offering by including packing supplies.

Implementation: The removals company opted to offer the full range of Removalspal’s packing materials on their website. This decision was driven by the desire to cater to diverse client needs, ensuring that everything from small, fragile item protection to large furniture wrapping could be easily accessed through their platform.

Outcome: By integrating Removalspal’s extensive product catalogue, the removals company reported a significant increase in customer satisfaction rates. Clients appreciated the convenience of purchasing trusted, high-quality packing materials directly from the company’s website. The company enjoyed a 20% revenue share from all sales, contributing to its overall profitability and adding around £300-£350 per month to its bottom line. This strategic move also reinforced the company’s reputation as a one-stop solution for all moving needs.

Case Study 2: A Leicester Removals Company

Background: One of our clients, a Leicester-based removals company, specialises in high-end, bespoke moving services for discerning clients. With a focus on luxury and attention to detail, the company sought to offer a curated selection of premium packing materials that matched their brand’s ethos.

Implementation: Selectively choosing a range of premium packing solutions from Removalspal, this company integrated these options into their bespoke service packages. This approach allowed them to maintain brand consistency and ensure that the materials available through their website met their high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Outcome: The introduction of a tailored selection of packing materials was met with high praise from clients, who appreciated the ease and quality of the options available. The company benefited from a 20% share of the sales, enhancing its revenue while maintaining its brand’s luxury positioning. Currently, this company is earning £150-£175 per month, and this amount is steadily rising. This strategic offering helps distinguish them in the competitive market of high-end moving services.

Case Study 3: An Eco-Conscious Removals Company

Background: While being environmentally friendly is on the minds of most of our clients, one client forms their entire business model around minimal impact. This forward-thinking moving company is dedicated to providing eco-friendly moving solutions. Committed to sustainability, they sought to offer packing materials that aligned with their environmental values.

Implementation: The company collaborated with Removalspal to offer a selection of environmentally friendly packing materials that they would be able to use and reuse, such as sturdy double-walled moving boxes. This curated selection was made available through their website, allowing clients to choose eco-conscious moving supplies.

Outcome: The business continues to choose eco-friendly behaviour over profit and gathers and reuses the boxes its clients use. However, when clients opt to buy new, we ensure they receive the best sturdy products that will allow this company to continue recycling our boxes for the full duration of their usable lifespan. The typical monthly income for this company hovers around £100 of passive income.


Removalspal’s white-label service offers an attractive opportunity for businesses in the removals industry to launch or expand their product range, enhance customer satisfaction, and generate additional revenue with minimal effort. By partnering with Removalspal for packing supplies, companies can tap into a streamlined, efficient way to grow their business and strengthen their market position.