50 Large Double Walled Boxes 18x18x18 (457x457x457)


  • 50 Double Walled large boxes
  • 457mm x305mm x305mm (18x18x18 inches)
  • Grade 1 quality
  • Get big savings when you buy in larger amounts (please call for details)

These boxes are constructed from grade 1 quality corrugated cardboard with a double walled design making them incredibly strong and reliable. The measurements of each box is 457mm x 457mm x 457mm (18x18x18 inches approx.) – perfect for medium to large items and providing great space efficiency.

Whether you’re moving house, sending out items or just need some extra storage space, these boxes have plenty of uses. Buy in larger amounts to get big savings, please call for details.

These 50 large double walled boxes can be stacked optimally to save you space and money. They are also built to last, so you can reuse them if necessary! Each box is made with the highest quality and rigorously tested.

Secure your items with ease with this large double walled box. Perfect for heavy duty items and protecting them from dust and moisture. Suitable for a variety of items with a maximum weight capacity of 10kgs.

Enjoy the maximum convenience and quality at a great price! Get 50 large double walled boxes for your storage needs.