100 Double Walled Medium Boxes 18x12x12 (457x305x305)


  • 100 Double Walled Medium Boxes
  • 457mm x305mm x305mm  (18″x12″x12inches)
  • Grade 1 quality
  • Get big savings when you buy in larger amounts (please call for details).

This box measures 18″x12″x12″ (457mm x305mm x305mm) and is made from Grade 1 quality corrugated cardboard.

Our double-walled medium box offers great protection for your items; the double-walled construction adds higher strength and greater rigidity, ensuring your items remain secure when in transit. The box also offers additional cost benefits; you can make great savings by buying in larger amounts. Please call for details.

These boxes are ideal for any purpose that requires additional protection. Whether you need to ship books, DVDs or other small items, these boxes are the perfect choice. They are lightweight yet offer great strength and protection for your items.

Our double-walled medium boxes are the answer if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to moving, shipping or storing your items. Buy in larger amounts and get big savings.