A simple guide on what to expect when moving house

A simple guide on what to expect when moving house

So, you’re moving. That’s great! Moving house doesn’t have to be as stressful as some people believe it to be, and the end result is usually worth it. The main cause of stress during a move is simply not knowing what to expect. So, here’s an opportunity to get a sense of what moving day will be like with some useful tips.

If you have pets, bring them to a friend or family member for the day

If you have pets, it’s best to leave them with a friend or family member for the day. Moving day can be really stressful for both cats and dogs, especially if they’re territorial and don’t like strangers coming into the house. If you can’t find a friend to look after them, a short stay in a kennel or cattery might be ideal until you’re more settled.

Pack a small bag of clothes and toiletries and make sure they’re kept separate

You can’t unpack your clothes and more personal belongings until all your furniture has been moved and rebuilt in your new home, so you’ll want to pack a smaller bag that has a few days’ worth of clothes and toiletries in that you can just grab after a long day.

Ensure that all your moving boxes are clearly labelled and organised by room

Label each box with a black marker so that it can be easily identified at delivery time. Do not use stickers; they may fall off during transit and cause confusion when unpacking your belongings.

Ensure that all your moving boxes are organised by room so that when you arrive at your new house, all your stuff will be easy to locate. If possible, try to label each box with both its room location and its contents (e.g., ‘bedroom 1’ ‘bed linen’).

If you have children, have some toys set aside for them to keep them occupied

If you’re relocating your family, it’s worth taking some time to consider what needs to be done for the kids – especially if they’re young or have special needs. Have some toys set aside for them to keep them occupied and make sure you have any teddies or blankets they sleep with on hand for the first night.

It might also be worth thinking about how much entertainment they’ll have at the new house, especially when you’re trying to unpack. Consider unpacking the TV and getting this set up so they have something to do when you can’t keep them occupied yourself.

Make sure there’s plenty of food and drink to keep your fuelled and alert

Your movers will be working hard all day, so it’s important to make sure they’re well-fed and hydrated. A good idea is to prepare sandwiches or other light snacks ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about feeding them while they’re on the job. And make sure there are plenty of drinks available too – water bottles are great because they don’t cost a lot or take up much space, but if you prefer something more substantial, bring along some bottles of juice or fizzy drinks, too.