What Are The Common Marketing Mistakes Removal Companies Make?

What Are The Common Marketing Mistakes Removal Companies Make?

What Are The Common Marketing Mistakes Removal Companies Make?

What Are The Common Marketing Mistakes Removal Companies Make?

Removal companies are all the same, right? Wrong! There are huge mistakes that are made by removal companies when it comes to marketing, which are easy to avoid and this blog will explain the common mistakes that removal companies make and how you can make sure that your company doesn’t make the same mistakes!

  1. Using the Wrong Logo 

When you start a removal company, you will need a logo that stands out from the rest of your competition and one that will attract the attention of your audience. You have probably put a lot of thought into your company logo, after all it will be on your company website and business cards.

By using the wrong logo, it can actually do more harm than good for your business. It could ruin your business if you’re not careful. It would make your company look unprofessional and not as trustworthy. The last thing you want to do is lose customers! 

While it may be tempting to create a logo yourself, it may be beneficial to seek advice from a professional. There’s so much to a logo design and there are many aspects that should be considered. For example, there should be a certain colour scheme and the logo should be recognizable to the audience.

If you haven’t thought about your logo yet, don’t fret. We can help you out with designing the perfect logo that will make an impression on your potential clients, customers and other people in the industry.

  1. Not Maintaining a Professional Website 

The main goal when you have a website is to remain active and professional so you shouldn’t neglect it!

With your website out there, it’s an easy way to get business out there to potential clients! There are various reasons why having a professional website is important, if you don’t then you could be missing out on having potential clients. Things like opening hours, images, testimonials and a contact form are all key and will help you and your business! 

It doesn’t cost much to create a website, in fact we can help you with that! Our team specializes in designing a website suitable for your business!

  1. Not Using First Rate Customer Service 

We all know the importance of customer service. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and if you don’t have a good reputation with your customers, it’s going to be very difficult to get business!

An easy way to make sure that you are using first rate customer service is to make sure that everyone working within your company is properly trained. Another way is to make sure that you go the extra mile to help your customers.

Another way to make sure that everyone in your company is using first rate customer service to make sure that everyone is friendly and helpful. By following these simple steps, you will be able to better your customer service and your business will become more successful!

  1. Not Offering A Free Quote

If you don’t offer a free quote, then it’s a big mistake that won’t help your reputable website! It doesn’t cost a single penny at all, all that is required is your contact information.

It’s a pretty common aspect that some removal companies don’t offer quotes on their websites but it’s such an important thing that you do if you want to gain clients!

The internet has made it easy for businesses to reach out to their audience and by asking for a quote, your company can make sure they are providing you with a unique price needed for a removal that nobody else can offer.

  1. Not telling a customer the total amount a job will cost…

Some removal companies make the mistake of not putting their actual prices on their website and some customers may be put off this as it seems like they would get a cheaper price than what they are actually going to pay on the day.

Whenever a customer hears an estimate from a removal company, they need to be told the exact amount! The main reason is because it’s important because customers will want to know how much so they can plan their budget, as well as they will have a better idea of how much exactly the job will cost.

It’s not wise to give your customers a price and then change it last minute, it will leave a bad impression on your clients and they might lose trust in you because of it. 

With our partnered website Help2Compare, customers can compare several different removal companies that will benefit their needs in certain areas and offer a suitable price! Your clients won’t want to pay more than what is needed. 

  1. Not returning a customers call

It’s never a good idea to ignore somebody’s phone call, it won’t look good for business and can make your potential clients decide to look elsewhere. So you need to always make the point to respond to somebody’s phone call.

Of course it can’t be helped if people are busy but just make the point of leaving a voicemail and remember to leave a number that they can reach you on!

It’s important to keep your customers happy and in order to do that, your company needs to go above and beyond what’s expected. Not only will the customer be happy that you have taken the time to call them back but they can spread the word of how great your removal company is!

There’s always a time that customers will call to complain and if you return the call, the problem can be solved quickly and it will keep your customers from posting a bad review on the internet.

If you’re in the business of helping move people, you know that marketing is the key to your success. There are many different ways to market your company, from local advertising to online marketing. However, there are many mistakes that even the most seasoned of marketing professionals make. 

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