White Packing Paper 500mm x 750mm, 20kg | Perfect for Removal Companies | Wrapping & Cushioning | Ideal for Moving & Shipping



This high-quality White Packing Paper 500mm x 750mm is perfect for removal companies and businesses that need to secure delicate or fragile items during transport. It is available in packs of either 5KG, 10KG & 20KG to fit your needs.

This white packing paper is made from a strong and durable 80gsm paper, which can easily be used to wrap around items, providing extra protection and cushioning during transportation. It won’t tear or rip easily and allows items to stay secure. The paper can also be written on so you can easily label your items and make sure fragile objects are marked as such.

This 20kg pack is ideal for larger businesses, as it contains plenty of paper to wrap several items without running out. It is lightweight yet strong, and will provide the necessary protection for fragile items. The paper can be cut down to the size you need, saving you money and time from having to purchase multiple packages.

This White Packing Paper 500mm x 750mm is a great way to protect your items during transportation and storage. With its strong and durable material, it ensures your items will stay safe and sound. Plus, it comes in convenient packs, allowing you to purchase the amount you need. Get your White Packing Paper 500mm x 750mm today and protect your items during transit.

Great for wrapping around crockery, cutlery, glass, and china. Keeps wrapped items clean and protected against damage caused by movement. It also can be used as a filler in boxes to further protect items in transit.