Black Refuse Sacks – 10 Pack | Perfect for Removal Companies | Strong Heavy Duty Material | Black Color | Each Bag Holds 55L Capacity


– Black Refuse Sacks – 10 Pack
– Perfect for removal companies.
– Quick delivery.
– Easy to use.
– Thick and durable.
– Perfect size for general domestic waste.
– Professional looking.
– Affordable.
– Suitable for all authorities.


These strong and durable Black Refuse Sacks are the perfect accessory for removal companies or individuals carrying out rubbish clearance jobs. The powerful and reliable sacks are made from robust polypropylene material which is tear-resistant and can hold up to 20kg of waste. The sacks are both lightweight and flexible, making them easy to carry when filled with waste.

Included in the pack are 10 black sacks that measure 65 x 85 cm. These generous sizes provide plenty of space for waste materials, including furniture, cardboard and garden waste. The sacks are all black in colour, making them discreet and ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

A tie-top ensures that the contents can be secured and prevents any escaping during transit. The draw-strings are strong and designed for increased reliability, giving users the peace of mind that their waste can be stored securely.

These Black Refuse Sacks are perfect for any waste removal task and come in a convenient 10 pack. Keep your waste secure and out of sight with these professional, reliable and durable sacks.