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What is Hire and Reward Insurance?

If you’re living in the UK and run a removal company or carry people from one place to the other, it’s necessary to get Hire and Reward Insurance. It allows you to legally offer the services of transporting people’s goods and passengers in exchange for payment.

Without Hire and Reward Insurance, you will be responsible for paying the cost if anything happens to the customer’s goods such as damage or theft. Hire and Reward insurance is imperative for:

  • Removal Companies
  • Courier Drivers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Chauffeur Drivers
  • Private Hire Drivers  

How much does Hire and Reward Insurance cost?

The cost of Hire and Reward Insurance varies. There are different rates for couriers, removal companies, and hauliers. We have a piece of good news for hauliers and removal companies! Hire and Reward Insurance tariff is generally lower for removal companies and hauliers since drivers are not rushing at such substantial demand in a time-sensitive environment, contrasting to couriers. A courier might have targets to hit, which results in these time-sensitive issues.  

Therefore, insurers may augment their prices for couriers as they are more prone to claim due to both – time-sensitivity and making multiple deliveries on a single trip. They will have to stop and start significantly more frequently than hauliers or furniture movers, increasing the risk of couriers to be involved in an accident. 

Hauliers mostly undertake longer distance trips involving more highway driving. Therefore, policy costs are cheaper for hauliers as claim frequency is lower but greater in value. 

While others’ belongings across all vehicle types don’t affect the hire and reward premiums, they might cost higher if the vehicle for transporting goods is broken, giving a clear way to thieves to steal worthy commodities. This damage results in a claim being made on the vehicle for repairing it, which will impact the policy’s pricing. 

Experts at Removalpal will get the right option for you at the best rates available, depending on your company’s needs and circumstances. Understanding your exact necessities, we will outline the suitable risks to the provider.  

Additional Factors Affecting the Cost of your Premium

Getting your vehicle insured for Hire and Reward generally costs higher than a standard private car policy. Since you not only pay for your vehicle but also for the goods and passengers you carry; therefore, Hire and Reward Insurance has more significant tariff. 

The cost of your premium depends on the different considerations of your insurer, which can include: 

Yearly Mileage

People will need to provide details about their annual mileage. If you cover more miles during the year, you’re at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident than those who spend less time on the road.  

Age of the Driver

Insurers tend to offer low premiums to individuals with greater experience or those older in age. 

Value of the vehicle

Insurance providers consider the vehicle’s cost before pricing the policy as they may be liable for paying larger amounts if the vehicle is stolen or written off. 

Driver’s Experience

Insurers will look whether you’re an experienced driver, you own the vehicle or not, or you’re renting a vehicle. Most providers consider these factors (offering no claims) and provide a discount for this.  

No Claims Bonus

If the individual has already built up a bonus in the vehicle on a Hire and reward Policy, insurers provide him/her a discount. 


When pricing the policy, insurers ask whether there have been any claims in the past 5 years. At Removalpal, we have a broad spectrum of Hire and Reward Insurance providers that will offer you a competitive price even if you were involved in claims. 

Why is Hire and Reward Insurance Important for Removal Companies?

Removal companies must get Hire and Reward Insurance since it’s a legal obligation that allows you to carry and deliver other people’s commodities. Without this insurance, your standard insurance will also be no longer valid. In case you get involved in an accident or damage the products while delivering without having Hire and Reward Insurance, you’ll need to pay-out for any losses you incur. 

Hire and Reward Insurance provides coverage and protects the driver, vehicle, and the goods you’re transporting. Your insurer will provide thousands of pounds’ worth of expenditures in case of theft, from your vehicle to the goods inside it. You will get the coverage for goods by interests in the transit insurance policy. In this situation, Hire and Reward Insurance will cover the entire cost of your vehicle damage, meaning you can save a tidy sum in the event of a claimable contingency. 

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