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Have you considered a fuel card? If not, read on to discover why your missing out. Operating a fleet of vehicles in the United Kingdom is no mean feat. It requires diligent management, strategic planning, and constant oversight to ensure smooth operations. One of the most significant costs associated with fleet management is fuel consumption. 

With the ever-increasing fuel prices, keeping your fleet on the road can be a daunting task. Traditional methods of fuel payment such as cash transactions, reimbursing driver expenses or using company credit cards not only increase the cost but also make the process inefficient and expose your business to potential fraud.

Our Fuel Card is engineered to enable substantial savings at the fuel pump. Using this card, you can save as much as 5p for every litre, based on the national average prices, and up to 10p per motorway litre. While this might appear to be a marginal saving, the cumulative savings over time across a fleet of vehicles can be quite significant.

As an added incentive, a fuel card enables you to simplify accounting and VAT reclaiming.

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Esso Fuel Cards

Our Esso Fuel Card is part of one of the most rapidly expanding fuel card networks in the UK, accepted at over 1,000 locations across the country. These stations are predominantly located in urban areas within towns and cities, making it a convenient and efficient choice for fleet operators who require dependable local and regional coverage from a well-established brand like Esso.

Opting for the Esso Fuel Card translates to simplified operations, as fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, control costs, and manage their fleet’s fuel needs more effectively. It provides an easy-to-use platform that helps businesses keep track of their fuel expenses, reducing administrative work and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Esso has forged partnerships with leading fuel providers BP and Shell. This collaboration allows cross-acceptance of the Esso Fuel Card at all BP and Shell fuel stations, creating an impressive combined fuel network of over 3,000 locations nationally.

This strategic partnership offers the flexibility and convenience of fuelling up at any Esso, BP, or Shell station across the country using just one card. It greatly expands the reach and effectiveness of the Esso Fuel Card, ensuring that no matter where your fleet operates, you’ll always have a fuel station nearby.

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Card Holders Benefits

Our Esso truck fuel card and Esso cardholders can benefit from a rewards program which enables you to collect Nectar points when your drivers refuel at participating Esso branded service stations. Points can be collected on all fuel purchases at nearly 1,000 Esso branded service stations across the UK. For information on where points can be collected or to apply for a Nectar card, please visit


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