Fleet Insurance

Compare Fleet Insurance quotes

Compare Fleet Insurance Quotes

Whether you own a larger enterprise, a small business, or are the head of a household, you must consider opting for a fleet insurance policy rather than insuring each one separately if you need insurance for several different vehicles. This type of insurance not only saves yours or your business’ valuable time spent on administration and paperwork, but it could save a tidy sum too!

Fleet Insurance – what is it?

As the name suggests, fleet insurance offers cover for a fleet of vehicles – more than one vehicle and having them all under one policy. Fleet insurance can help families and businesses and can give cover for any combination of:
  • Vans
  • Pick-ups
  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Taxis
  • trucks/lorries
  • Minibusses
You can have a fleet policy depending on the number of vehicles your insurer allows, as they all have their limits. Some insurers offer policy even if you have a minimum of two vehicles in your fleet. In contrast, others ask for at least three or even four vehicles to qualify for fleet insurance. The highest number of vehicles you can have is mostly more flexible, and some insurers offer a single fleet insurance policy for hundreds and even thousands of vans or cars. At removalpal.co.uk, you can have a wide array of different insurance providers, allowing you to choose the best yet the cheapest policy for your fleet in no time.

Benefits of having Fleet Insurance Policy

Fleet insurance not only saves your valuable time but makes admin less of a burden. Having all your vehicles on just one policy means you only have a single insurer to deal with, one renewable date to keep in mind, and one premium to pay. Fleet insurance policies also help you save money as many providers offer a discount on each vehicle you add to the policy. Additionally, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • New employees getting in the cover without informing the insurer: however, this differs between policies and will have to be checked by yourself.
  • Better time management since you will be having one policy for all vehicles
  • A cheaper way of insuring larger fleets.

What types of cover will I get?

Standard car insurance provides the following three covers:
  • TPO (Third-party only): It is the minimum coverage level you must have if you’re living in the UK and drive on public roads. It covers the amount of damage done to other cars or vans, people and their property in an accident, but this policy doesn’t pay for your property or vehicle.
  • TPFT (Third-party, fire, and theft): It includes TPO and also pays your vehicle’s cost if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive: This is the maximum coverage level that offers TPFT and even pays for the damage done to your vehicles when engaged in an accident. Some policies also provide windscreen cover and pay to replace all your valuables. This is the most expensive insurance policy you can buy.

Why should I compare Fleet Insurance?

Comparing fleet insurance quotes from a wide range of providers helps you collect multiple quotes by filling out a single form. Prices significantly differ between insurance providers, so it’s worth comparing quotes. And when you need to renew, loyalty doesn’t pay, and you may notice that you can make a better saving by changing the fleet insurance provider.

Ways to reduce Fleet Insurance costs

Taking these few small things into consideration can help small as well as large businesses to cut the cost of their fleet insurance. For instance:

Check who is on the policy

Having drivers with clean licenses can help you lower the cost of fleet insurance, this is because the drivers on your policy will indicate they are at less risk of getting involved in an accident. It might be better to insure a convicted driver on a separate policy: however, you can discuss this with your insurer. Additionally, if applicable, insuring only the named drivers can help keep your insurance costs low.

Security and Technology

Ask your insurer whether the addition of tracking/immobilizers, dash cams, black boxes, alarms, and a safe location where your vehicles are parked could help to keep your costs low. Remember that black boxes are wonderful for many drivers: however, they might not be suitable for everyone. For instance, if you drive more at night. Therefore, if they aren’t appropriate for your situation, buy insurance without a black box.

Monthly vs. Annual payments

The monthly payment is beneficial for cash flow; however, if you can afford to pay on an annual basis for fleet insurance, you will not be asked to pay the interest, which usually adds a significant amount to your overall costs.

Who can be added to fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance policies usually offer cover for any driver as standard. However, you can still get cheaper insurance by giving names to all drivers, meaning that only named drivers will be able to use vehicles in your fleet. Policies differ significantly among insurance providers, and it is crucial that you check your policy utterly. For instance, your insurance provider might be offering cheaper quotes on insuring drivers over 25 on your fleet.

Is Fleet insurance only for businesses?

The short answer to this question is ‘no’. Businesses, as well as private vehicle owners, can purchase fleet insurance policies. Fleet policies are mostly flexible and can be modified according to your needs. For instance, families owning two or more vehicles can purchase family fleet insurance. Similar to other fleet insurance policies, you can combine and match vans, cars, and motorbikes. Some insurance providers may also allow you to add campervans and horseboxes to your fleet insurance program. Just let your insurer know what you need. If you own a business fleet, but your drivers use those vehicles for their private use, then make sure you include domestic use in your policy.

Why choose us?

Removalpal.co.uk has a professional team of brokers that help you find the cheapest quote for your insurance. We are working with a wide panel of reliable insurance providers; therefore, matching our deals and quotes is hard to find in the UK. Choosing us can help you enjoy:
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If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.