Employers Liability Insurance

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What is the Employers Liability Insurance? 

Whether you’re having a large team of staff or have one or two employers, your company needs employers’ liability insurance if you’re living in the UK. This insurance covers the cost of any claim or lawsuit filed against you by an employee or ex-employee who has suffered an injury or illness because of your work. It is not only required by law for your business to operate legally within the UK if anyone ever makes a claim against you, but you will also have to fork out a tidy sum of money without having this insurance. It can further put the future of your entire business in peril.   

Liability insurance protects any claim filed against you, no matter what size of business you operate. You might assume that you’ll never need liability insurance as no one would file a case against you, but insurance is back-up support you’ll need to run your business smoothly. 

Employers’ liability insurance will cover any costs that your organisation might incur and recuperate any expense you need to pay out in the legal defence—for instance, one of your employees develops a musculoskeletal problem because of your work. Employer’s liability insurance (EL insurance) will pay all the compensation costs of medical bills or legal fees that may spring up from a claim. 

Do I need Employers Liability Insurance?

Having Employers’ Liability Insurance is obligatory if you’re operating a business in the UK. Even if you have one staff member, either part-time or in full employment, you are accountable for having EL insurance. £5 million is the recommended amount of coverage; without it, your organisation can suffer fines of up to £2,500 each day.  

The cost of your insurance policy depends on the cover you take out. Quotes are based on factors like how many people you hire and the kind of work you make them do. Premiums are mostly greater in high-risk jobs where you work in more dangerous situations, such as engineers, plumbers, or electricians. 

The best way of estimating how much EL insurance you need and what it will cost your business is to get a free quote online. Once you get this, protect your company with the right level of cover. Removalspal can help you in this regard. We have been providing satisfactory and impartial quotes to customers for more than 10 years. Compare Employers’ liability insurance quotes now and see how much you can save! 

How would you know that you need Employers Liability Insurance for your company?

If you deduct National Insurance contributions and Income Tax from the wages of your workers; provides most of the materials and equipment utilised; controls where, how, and when your employees work. They have the privilege to claim profit made by your personnel; then you need employers’ liability insurance by law. 

There are a few exceptions that you must consider: any business or public organisation may be absolved from EL insurance if the only individuals and their employees are close family members who aren’t integrated as limited companies. There is also an exemption for companies that hire independent contractors through another governance. 

Why do I need to compare Employers Liability Insurance quotes?

We understand that small companies face elevated costs in every area and require reasonable insurance costs that don’t damage them financially. Wrong insurance policy will lead your company to waste extra and valuable money without providing any profit. With multiple insurance providers in the market, each vying for your attention, it becomes challenging to find the policy that best suits you. 

Many companies don’t realise that they pay an extravagant amount for their insurance policies, and as EL insurance is must to have, make sure your company is not paying over the odds every year. Therefore, Removalspal, considering your company’s needs, can help you find the cheapest insurance quotes within a few minutes. All you need to do is click the ‘get a quote’ button on this page and enter your details. With that information, we will find you the cheapest EL insurance that best suits your company.   

What does Employers Liability Insurance cover?

EL insurance covers dereliction lawsuits over work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Alternatively, if a worker sues over an injury, this policy will help compensate for all the legal costs. 

Mostly, when workers receive employees’ compensation benefits, they generally agree not to sue their proprietors. But that does not mean you’re safe from lawsuits. A worker directly suing their proprietor is the only type of case covered by EL insurance. Sometimes, you may face different kinds of legal actions. 

Third-party-over action lawsuits

A proprietor can face a third-party-over action lawsuit if a worker sues a third party over an injury caused by the workplace. And that third-party has the authority to turn around and sue the employer. 

For instance, an employee got injured by workplace machinery. He/she could file a case against the equipment manufacturer. The manufacturer then has the right to file a lawsuit against the proprietor. 

Loss of Organisation lawsuits

Family members of an employee can file a loss of consortium lawsuit if their closed one suffered from severe body injury, now has an enfeebling illness, or died in a work incident. A loss of consortium lawsuit pursuing punitive damages for the loss of a family member.    

Dual-capacity lawsuits

If you’re having a secondary relationship to a worker, the worker can file a dual-capacity lawsuit over a work injury or disease.

For instance, a company manufactures a product that injures an employee. The employee could sue the company as both a proprietor and manufacturer.  

Consequential bodily injury lawsuits

If a workplace incident or disease affects a non-employee, that individual might file a consequential body injury lawsuit. 

For example, an injured employee’s partner will sue if they start to develop a health problem due to the physical and psychological demands of being a caretaker. 

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