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A convenient method of cutting your outgoings is, to begin with, considering the basics. Energy is essential for every business, but it must not be a significant expense or burden. Comparing prices and getting an exciting deal for your business energy is a quick win when we talk about saving on business costs. It only takes a few minutes to check if you can beat the price hikes. Compare gas and electric quotes today to see how much money you can save by switching suppliers or tariff. Get out of the list of that 60% of businesses that overpay for their energy bills!

Why do I Need to Compare Business Energy Supplies

If you own a company in the UK, it’s crucial that you compare business energy quotes to ensure you aren’t paying extra money for no reason. It doesn’t matter if you’re an international organization or just started your small operation in a single room; you would surely don’t want to overpay on gas and electricity. Since businesses use much more energy than an average household, it’s not really difficult to gauge why searching for an exceptional deal is so crucial. Well, it’s a bit frightening how different companies failed to switch commercial energy suppliers altogether and kept paying outrageous costs when there are numerous exciting deals available. is a free online site that helps you compare and find the cheapest business energy quotes effortlessly. We strive to make your lives comfortable by removing the stress and hassle of talking to multiple suppliers. Our goal is to let you sit back with your cup of coffee and help you find a fantastic deal. We have a 100% UK based team that is expert in this field. We have helped over 189,000 businesses to switch, so you know you’re working with a reliable team.  But before all this, you need to know a bit more about how everything checks out.

Why do I need to Switch Business Energy Providers?

In the final analysis, excessive energy bills are costing your business big bucks. Unfortunately, several business owners don’t even know they are being overcharged for gas and electricity. Therefore, they continue paying over the odds when they could have an incredible opportunity to give themselves some considerable cash. To find out if you’re paying extra costs, you must take some time to compare business energy quotes and assess what other providers are offering. Once you’re done with this, you can then switch to the supplier that offers the cheapest deal, and let your company enjoy the tremendous savings!

Is Business Energy Supply Cheaper Than Domestic Households?

There are only a few prominent differences between business and domestic energy, but in general, you should know that commercial charges are significantly less expensive. While many domestic properties likely pay their energy bills monthly, businesses can buy in bulk and allow themselves a more significant, durable saving. However, business contracts last longer as compared to domestic ones, and ending your tariff early can be a bit challenging when purchasing in bulk; moreover, there is no dual-fuel option available for businesses. In fact, this is the reason why comparing quotes and making sure you’re paying the right amount to the right supplier is so crucial.

Types of Business Energy Contract

Different business owners avoid switching energy providers since they consider it as a complicated, time-consuming procedure. However, finding a new commercial energy contract is as easy as changing your domestic provider, especially when you choose to find cost-effective business energy deals. Similar to a domestic contract, much of your commercial energy bills include a standing charge and a unit cost based on the amount of energy your business uses and the provider’s own distribution prices. Many commercial energy providers offer a fixed-rate contract, meaning that your unit cost will remain constant throughout the contract. You might notice that more extended agreements lead to a higher tariff, but at least you’re safe from any unexpected increase in prices for the entire duration of your deal. However, another kind of contract is a variable-rate contract, meaning the costs of your energy consumption can vary from month to month, whereas you might also look for deemed-rate, rollover, and 28-day contracts. Everything depends on your particular situation and what kind of business energy contract suits you best.

Ways To Find Cheap Energy Quotes For Your Business

Ringing around different energy providers can be a difficult, time-consuming task, especially when you need a separate gas and electric quotes. As you’re busy trying to manage and run your own business, it’s obvious that you won’t get time to compare business energy quotes. However, getting cheap commercial energy quotes undoubtedly saves a massive amount; therefore, you should not continue paying money for the energy you’re not using just because of a lack of time. Thus, is here to make comparing stress-free and easier than before for business owners of international organizations or small startups to get the best deal on their commercial energy rates. All we need from your side is to fill the form on this page, and then we will compare hundreds of business energy quotes all over the UK that best suit you. We enable you to choose a perfect supplier for your company, thereby making a significant saving on your commercial energy bills. We negotiate exclusive rates with energy suppliers; therefore, comparing energy bills with us means you will have access to the best deals impossible to find elsewhere.

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